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The Ultimate Gift Guide: A list of must-have gifts for your dog-owning loved one this Valentines

title page with three photos of women with their dogs. The dogs are wearing Wet Nosed Pup bandanas and the women are wearing Wet Nosed Pup hoodies
The ultimate Valentines gift guide for dog owners

It's that time of year where love is in the air, and you're looking for the perfect way to spoil your dog-loving loved one. Follow our guide to see the which of our many products would make the best Valentines gifts.

Choose from snug hoodies, comfy sweatshirts, or soft t-shirts in a range of vibrant or pastel colours. Add your EST date (don't worry if you don't know it - this is optional and still looks great without it), and even add the name of your Valentine's dog(s) if you want an added personal touch.

For your Valentine that already has a Pawlentine (sorry guys, the dog comes first!) Add your dog's name to these garments and let your Valentine match with their real Pawlentine with our matching My Valentine Bandana (see next product below for details) Choose from snug hoodies, comfy sweatshirts, or soft tshirts in a range of vibrant or pastel colours.

Personalise these dog bandanas to fit your Valentine, for the extra touch you can even match the colour to our My Valentine Clothing so your Valentine and their dog can match!

Want to know the best thing about our scrunchies? They are made from the same material we make our bandanas from which means you can match your dog! Our scrunchies are also big enough to hold lots and stay secure, so thick hair girlies - we got you!

Everyone knows a girl's best friend is their dog so what better gift than a matching bandana to her new Tartan Delight scrunchie?!

All dog owners wish they could take their dog with them everywhere they go. Your Valentine can keep them as close everywhere they go with our handmade personalised key fobs as a reminder of their furry friend. Add your own wording or choose from one of our most popular options. Fun Fact: the materials we use for these are the same we use for our dog collars and leads which means you can match with your dog AGAIN!

Dog owners can never have enough clothing with their dog's name on so let me introduce you to our Candy Hearts garments. Add your Valentine's dog's name to a hoodie, sweatshirt, or t-shirt and watch their eyes sparkle at this gift.

The best thing about our clothing range is that it makes the perfect gift for anyone at any time of the year! Take your pick from our dog walking essential hoodies, or a simple but cute tee for the warmer weathers. We also have so many personalised options to make the gift even more special (they're not even limited to dog owners. They are fully customisable- for all the cat and other pet owners too, or even grandparents of those pets!)

Please click here to view our full collection of Valentine's Day products including all our dog bandanas, bows, and more.

Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Tash & Lincoln at Wet Nosed Pup
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