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Our products are like any piece of clothing, they are long lasting if cared for but won't last forever. Please check your products regularly for any wear and tear as it is your responsibility as a pet owner to identify any issues that could harm your pet.

Caring for your bandanas

For best results when washing your bandanas you should hand wash with soap and warm water. If using a washing machine please ensure you set your temperate to 30 degrees maximum. Once washed you should leave to air dry. Ironing your bandana will not harm it unless you have any vinyl printed. In this case DO NOT iron directly onto the print.

Caring for your hoodies

Hand washing your hoodie will always have the best results. If using a washing machine please set the temperate to 30 degrees and ensure your hoodie is turned inside out. Once washed leave to air dry. If ironing DO NOT place iron directly onto the vinyl print.

Caring for your bows

It is not recommended that you place any bows in the washing machine. Hand washing with warm soapy water will have the best outcome. Leave to air dry.

Caring for your collars and leads

Our collars and leads are made from a waterproof material meaning that you can simply wipe your products clean. The products are scent and rot-proof meaning that you don't have to deal with any smell or rotting after getting dirty. Your pup is free to explore in all the mud and lake water they want and the best part is you don't have to worry about your new collars or leads, just the dirty fluff ball trying to run through your house!

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