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These sizes are a guide only and dogs may differ to what we recommend. For the perfect fit for your dog, it is recommended that you measure them. In doubt it is best to size up as our over the collar bandanas can be made shorter by wrapping the bandana around the collar once it's on. For popper sizes we need your pets neck size in order to make the bandana fit their perfect size and also give them room to grow in it. 

If you'd like a size that we do not offer then please contact us via email or instagram to arrange the perfect fit for you!

Email -

Instagram - @wetnosedpup

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Our collars come in two difference width sizes, 16mm and 25mm.

Our 16mm collar is recommended for small breed dogs and puppies. Whereas our 25mm collar is recommended for medium to large breed dogs. The same size recommendations are the same with our leads also.

For the perfect fit please measure where the collar should sit on your dogs neck with a flexible tape measure. Ensure room for your two fingers so that the collar sits comfortably on your dog. 

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